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Posted: 2003-02-10 21:21
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Author: Phil Gengler
Section: Journal

mondays suck. after a weekend, having to wake up early to go to work ... and then not having a single task to do all day. kept myself busy by adding a poll to the site, i have no idea why, i should have added something useful like comments, but they'll get done eventually.

one thing i got done at work, made a list of what has my name spelled right ('philip') and what has it wrong ('phillip')...cubicle nameplate == wrong, email address == wrong, paychecks == right, lotus notes name == right (now how the hell is this right and my email wrong?), etc. etc. i still haven't been able to figure out how they managed to do this, it's truly something that can only be accomplished with several levels of beauracracy so there's so much paper, errors are bound to appear simply by random chance.

other things done on the day include joining the eff's action network (at some point, when i have more money, i will finally make a donation), wrote a short letter to senator corzine for co-sponsoring the 'data mining moratorium act of 2003', nearly finished off the silmarillion, and read a little more of the eldred v ashcroft decision, but am no closer to finishing my letter about that yet.

i'm a bit surprised by the surge of activism i've been feeling lately, i can't say it's anything i ever expected to see from myself, but i think i've been pushed to it from the way that this country is going (for those who are blind and/or ignorant: hell in a handbasket), and to at least feel like i might be making a difference is somewhat rewarding.

as evidenced by today's house meeting, i'm not the only one, jew rallied support for an anti-war march in nyc this weekend, and mike komitee brought up the patriot 2 to the whole house. nice to see there are those who also feel motivated to understand the issues and work to change them. how long now until we're all labeled 'terrorists' for not simply allowing ourselves to become a part of the collective ignorance that is much of america these days?

planned for tonight - hunt down a highlighter, finish off the majority opinion in e v. a, and get some sleep, or maybe echew sleep for justice steven's dissent and some more writing. which reminds me, i have figured out a purpose for the crappy laptops we were given - running emacs, so that i may compose letters from atop my bed.

and with that, i shall take my leave, in the hopes that i will accomplish something of note tonight.


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Posted: 2003-02-13 18:12:35
Author: jay

mic check, hah hah.

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