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Posted: 2003-07-16 02:40
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Author: Phil Gengler
Section: Journal

Damn, it's been a while since I've updated the main page. With frequent updates from arsjerm and a new one from nondeus, I've been left in the dust; to my credit, I'm still nearly a month and a half better than jhaydu. Part of the reason is that I just haven't felt motivated to write anything; there hasn't been a single event that's inspired to me to write something, and for that matter, there really hasn't been for a while now. It explains why the updates are a lot less frequent now, and why they're a lot smaller than they used to be.

Lack of motivation is becoming a serious problem for me, as I haven't successfully accomplished anything within the last 2 weeks, and not a whole lot in the time before that. Plans for a new backend for the site have been postponed indefinitely, incompatibilities between my code and PostgreSQL have made it difficult to port my Todo program over to a subselect-supporting database, and other projects have withered under the fact that there's no real reason for me to even be trying them. At least my reading has been somewhat constructive, having finished The God of Small Things (an excellent, excellent book that everyone should read) and made significant progress in Unequal Protection. Perhaps I'll move through some of the massive backlog of reading I have planned before I do any more coding. In no particular order, books on my agenda include The Future of Ideas, No Logo, What Liberal Media?, Indispensible Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent, and Stupid White Men, without even mentioning books 2-10 of the Wheel of Time series.

Jonas brought to my attention last night that summer was now more than half over, a fact I find rather depressing, despite having long ago accepted the fact that my summers were doomed for many years to come. My goal now is to put the remaining days of summer to use in a way that will justify it being summer. Just how this is to be accomplished remains to be seen, as finances are limited and sources of income are limited to sporadic findings of old, hidden birthday gifts which to this date have not been utilized.

In more random things to mention, my main computer has now been graced with Dropline Gnome, bringing a few useful changes and additions to my desktop. The discovery and subsequent use of the Gnome multimedia keys application has given new life to the otherwise useless 'right click' key, now serving as a mute button.

With all that said, I should be updating the main part of the site before this weekend (hopefully), but further updates are likely to be sporadic (which is nothing new). Hopefully, after making some reading headway, I'll again feel motivated to write, much as reading Copy Fights was an inspiration for writing Copyright's Unnatural Evolution.


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