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Posted: 2003-08-06 15:07
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Author: Phil Gengler
Section: Journal

One need only look at my face to get an idea of how little I've actually been doing lately. A few weeks growth of facial hair, stemming from general apathy, has persisted, and so has my inability to actually get anything done.

My biggest accomplishment so far is the creation of a lexical analyzer, to support the compiler being created for CS-494. With development taking place on a Linux machine, and the target platform being the IRIX environment of guinness, the code was perfect; NetBSD seems to handle memory management in the most asinine and backwards way possible, despite the outrageous claims by jmikola that 'NetBSD is flawless'.

As time goes by, my financial reserves are becoming increasingly depleted. If I were to make the rent payments for the summer, I would be left with no more than $150. And the outlook for a coop job in the fall seems dim, as it's nearly a week into the final month of the summer, and after a whopping 2 interviews, I don't have a job. If coop fails to come through, I see part-time employment somewhere in Hoboken in my future.

Right now, I'm futhur diluting my willingness to do anything with several projects at hand; completing all the busywork for CS-442, presently working on the parser for CS-494, writing as needed for HPL-444, lots of reading (right now, my book of choice is No Logo, which is turning out to be an excellent look at how branding and advertising are affecting people's lives), and working on the revival of three, count 'em, three websites, whose names and URLs which will remain anonymous.

The month will not be all work; with planned outings to see Bruce Springsteen this Saturday and Aerosmith & KISS on the 29th, my summer will have at least some concert-going, though not nearly on the scale of last summer. One weekend, I intend to watch the entirety of the first season of 24, of which I've only seen the last episode. Thanks to mkrupnic my quest to posses all episodes of MacGyver has been accelerated, and by tomorrow, the 5th season should be finished downloading.

Hopefully, I will soon regain my will to write, and finally feel like updating the site because I have something to say, not because I hadn't updated in a while. In the meantime, however, I always have my crossword puzzles to keep me from getting any real work done.


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