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Posted: 2003-09-17 23:34
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Author: Phil Gengler
Section: Journal

It's been far too long since I've written anything here. Mostly because I'd been trying to keep the front page for stuff about issues that I felt mattered, and tried to keep personal stuff (other than my opinion) on the issue off the site. This seemed to work, until I reached a point at which it no longer became worth it to write anything. It's fairly easy to predict where I stand on the sort of issues that I'd write about, and of late, my posts were less about my opinion (which was obvious) and more about propagating links and facts from other sites. I came to realize there were a ton of other sites who did the same thing, only better, and so I didn't add anything over here.

For now, I'm going to remove the separation between what you knew (the issues/facts/etc) and a weblog-ish sort of thing, which I should have a much easier time updating with stuff. Not because I feel I need to have something (though there are pressures to provide content of any sort), but because I just have things to say about the events which take place during the everyday course of my life. Whether anyone cares is not something I'm really concerned with, but daily recaps of even the most boring days seems to be working well for Lord Omlette.

And now, without further ado, I present to you, new words:

Significant progress has been made on the Graphics assignment; prior to last night, my program was capable of parsing the input file and opening a window. As of late last night, raycasting sort-of works. By sort-of, I mean, it almost displays a triangle. Instead, a 3-sided figure with subtly curved edges is presented to me (screenshot). This puts me somewhat behind Jay (whose program successfully displays shapes that don't have mismatched z-coords) but some steps ahead of Jeremy, who is yet to write a single line of code for this assignment. So with the onset of free time tonight comes bug hunting for what's virtually assured to me a very subtle and hard-to-find bug. Then comes the addition of lighting, with the possibility for multiple light sources and shadow.

Room 3 has become a markedly different place from what it was over the summer; the Daily Show, once a staple of weeknight TV viewing, has all but been phased out from memory. The most TV I watch anymore is catching half an episode of Star Trek on Spike TV when Joe (should I even bother linking to this page anymore? it's not like it's been updated at all in nearly 5 months) lounges on the couch and wastes his time with TV instead of video games.

It's a surprise to many that The Bet has gone on this far. Not that it's making a whole lot of difference, Joe is still on the '7 days off a week' plan for academics, choosing to fill his free time with watching TV and anime instead of playing video games. It wouldn't shock me to hear that Joe still hasn't attended a single lecture for CS-383; last I heard, he hasn't been any. Time-wasting will find a way, I suppose.

Having lost my train of thought due to a long sequence of dizzying events, I leave you with this: Nuke the unborn gay female whales for Jesus (courtesy of fortune).


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