a momentous occassion

Phil Gengler
2003-10-16 22:35:04

In the words of Lord Omlette, "it's usually a momentous occasion" "when pgengler updates". I'm not sure if I should feel privileged or insulted. While I'm mentioning Amit, I shall briefly mention that there was an AI midterm yesterday, which I took, and which Mr. Jain proctored. Having mentioned this solely to satisy the ego of Lord Omlette, I will move on to other things.

Jay has a new layout for his site, among his other accomplishments of late (his recent 'pwnage' of cut/copy/paste springs to mind). Which sure as hells put me to shame, because despite my massive To Do lists and the large amount of items crossed off due to completion, I haven't felt like I've accomplished anything this week. With the recent extension to the graphics homework, there hasn't been a pressing need to work on anything. I want to redesign this site, I want to make some progress on my myriad of other projects, I want to feel some sense of accomplishment. But I can never get myself to work on anything when I have the time, and when I'm ready to get working, I don't have the time.

So as not to be dismissed as a Jessica Blumberg, here's an abridged version of my todo:
* Write a script to provide easy access to ASP book inventory
* Work on CGI functions for C
* Work on Todo script (cross between Bugzilla and a to-do list)
* Graphics homework
* AI homework
* OS homework
* Graphics, OS, Comp Arch midterms
* Organize business closet
* Work through reading list (consisting of Neuromancer, Dune, The Great Hunt, Intent To Harm, and Hearts In Atlantis, not to mention Jay's collection or any other books that make their way into my life)

Depending on my progress tomorrow (assuming anything gets done), the most I will have gotten done this week woill be this update. Perhaps the addition of a bunch of new songs to the secretive lyric repository I threw together some time ago, but nothing of substance. No new version numbers, that's for damn sure. The weekend holds even less productivity, with Talisman (aka heavy drinking) tomorrow night, a night of standup with Dave Attel & Lewis Black Saturday, and the purchase of new sneakers (along with a viewing of Kill Bill: Vol. 1) on either Saturday or Sunday, and the requisite amount of sleeping for a weekend. And just to keep this update in line with my progress for the week, this is the end.